The Solar frame after the 2016 wind storm


The solar array remnants after the 2016 wind storm


The only way to get to the side during the winter.


The solar array.

What happens when the weather seals fail

The 147.390 Mhz repeater near Breckenridge resides near the top of Mt. Baldy in Summit County.  The elevation at the site is approximately 12,700 feet.  The repeater is known for its wide coverage to the north and west.  It covers parts of South Park as well, but the coverage to the south isn’t as good, with the summit of Mt. Baldy behind the site.

In 2011 & 2012, the site underwent a major overhaul, involving demolishing the old and worn out shack and moving into its place a modular type communications shelter which is in much better condition to house the equipment.  Practically every piece of equipment at this location, including repeater and antennas have been replaced.  Due to noise issues on the old 146.790 frequency, we moved to a new frequency of 147.390.  John (W0IG) and Dave (KA0YDW) along with several awesome volunteers have spent literally hundreds of man hours and hundreds of dollars worth of fuel making numerous treks to this site over a 5 year period to work on the noise issues that plagued that site.

The previous equipment was removed in 2014 consisted of a GE Master II repeater, with a four port Link Communications RLC-4 controller. The repeater was attached to one port, while a Kenwood commercial UHF transceiver attached to a second port. The UHF transceiver links the site to the 145.310 Mhz repeater at Mt. Thorodin. A Kenwood commercial UHF link transceiver attaches to the fourth port, giving us a link path to a link radio north of Eagle.

In 2015, the equipment was reworked completely with an AllStar RTCM and a microwave system interconnecting to the Rocky Mountain Ham Radio backbone.

Solar power with commercial backup is used to power this site, with several batteries inside the building. Solar and commercial power keep the batteries charged and the two radios and microwave use the batteries because commercial power is so unreliable.

In late 2015, the site was completely rebuilt to solve continuing linking issues with a Mastr III repeater and Allstar RTCM linking back to Denver via ham radio microwave and commercial internet.

Antennas consist of a VHF collinear vertical antenna for the repeater, and a 2′ 3.4GHz dish shooting to Silverthorne for backhaul and five element VHF yagi link antenna shooting at Eagle for the UHF link.

The 147.390 Mhz repeater site is accessible via 4 wheel drive between the end of June until mid September. The remainder of the year any access to the site is done on foot or via snowmobile.

Pictures of the old site.  This has been replaced.


Dan (KBØLRR) outside the repeater building. TV translators reside inside too.

This is the old shack that was torn down in 2011.