Colorado Traffic Net

The Colorado Traffic Net is held each evening at 1900 local time on The Colorado Connection repeaters. The net will conclude before or promptly at 1945. The purpose of this formal net is to pass NTS traffic into and out of Colorado.

If you have formal traffic to pass, would be willing to deliver or forward other formal traffic, you are asked to check-in to this net. It’s difficult to find many net control operators or traffic handlers, so if you’d like to participate, please contact one of the net control operators. Especially sought, are traffic handlers from the outlying repeaters. We’d like to see participation from users on each of the Connection repeaters.

Section II of the Public Service Communication Manual PCSM is available from the ARRL.

Form FSD-3 (ARRL Numbered Radiograms) is available from the ARRL.

For further information about the CTN, please visit their website.