With your continued support, here are our near term goals for the system.




  • Replace aging (and noisy) antennas: Targets are the Leadville, Colorado Springs, Breckenridge and Durango sites. New commercial grade antennas cost on the order of $600 each.  Harsh weather takes its toll on antennas.  If the old ones can be refurbished, we will, but only if we can be confident they will be reliable.



  • Colorado Springs Backup site: Early snow dashed our hopes for getting this site installed before winter set in, so this will now be a spring 2019 project.  Intent not just a “hot spare”, but also to include voting receiver support like we have in the northern front range.  Equipment has already been purchased and is ready to go ($PAID!).
  • Rio Blanco County (Northwest Colorado): This is in the early stages of planning.  We have enthusiastic (and capable) local support and this would fill in some of our big hole in that part of the state. We have some equipment on hand already, so need about $1200 for the remaining equipment to set up that site.
  • Sterling/Julesburg area: Also in the early stages of planning:  Local emergency response officials are strongly asking us to increase our coverage out in that part of Northeast Colorado and willing to help with site hosting and local technical support.  Cost for a ground-up repeater system will be about $2000.
  • Farmington, NM: No details yet, but an area we know is a “2m desert” that could use some coverage for emergency comms.  Cost for a ground-up repeater system will be about $2000.



  • Replace the analog repeater links with microwave links going west from Mosquito Pass to Vail, Glenwood Springs, and eventually Grand Junction.  This significantly boosts audio quality (no degradation through each repeater link), but more importantly allows much better remote diagnostics and control.  These links are also sharable with other repeater systems and allow redundant links to increase system resiliency.  The cost to outfit an existing site with microwave gear is about $TBD.