Updated 11/14/2018

Basic information for each repeater is listed below. For more details on each repeater including location, coverage, and pictures, please see the Repeaters menu.

Repeater Status UP Intermittent Unknown Down

All repeaters use an 88.5Hz input tone and 123.0Hz output tone.

Status Location/Description Output Frequency Input Offset Coverage Details
Denver/Boulder 145.310MHz – 600KHz Map Here
Akron 145.400MHz – 600KHz Map Here
Breckenridge 147.390MHz + 600KHz Map Here
Colorado Springs 145.130MHz – 600KHz Map Here
Craig 146.790MHz – 600KHz Not Available Here
Durango 147.345MHz + 600KHz Map Here
Glenwood Springs 146.850MHz – 600KHz Map Here
Grand Junction 145.355MHz – 600KHz Map Here
Kremmling 147.075MHz + 600KHz Map Here
Leadville 145.445MHz – 600KHz Map Here
Salida 147.285MHz + 600KHz Map Here
Steamboat Springs 147.165MHz + 600KHz Map Here
Vail 147.345MHz + 600KHz Map Here
Walden (Half Duplex! See below) 145.160MHz – 600KHz Map Here
Winter Park / Fraser 147.285MHz + 600KHz Map Here

Map with consolidated coverage from all repeaters (Here) (except Winter Park and Walden–mapping software issues).  Coverage is clearly very approximate and depends on lots of factors!

We’ll try to keep this page updated frequently. If you’d like to report a problem with the system, just send an E-Mail to kb0vjj@colcon.org

Walden (145.160): This is a half duplex repeater.  This means it does not re-transmit what it is receiving locally.  This is OK if you are talking from this repeater into other parts of the Colorado Connection, but will not work for local communications with both stations on this repeater.

Craig (147.270) and Steamboat (147.165): These two repeaters are operated by the Northwest Colorado Amateur Radio Association (NCARA). We don’t maintain status reports for them, but both are very reliable.