You’ve read our pleas for financial support. The biggest obstacle we face is finding the funds to meet our monthly obligations. Supporting the Connection in other ways is very helpful too. We could use equipment and volunteers. Hams save everything – maybe you have something we need hidden away in your basement or garage.

The Connection uses GE equipment. If you have a line on GE equipment, please let us know. Send an E-Mail to W0IG. We need both VHF and UHF duplexers. New repeaters aren’t possible without duplexers and we can’t continue our plans for UHF linking without more UHF equipment. We need batteries, solar panels, towers, antennas, coax, hard line, and whatever else it takes to get a repeater going. If you have an old repeater or two, we sure won’t turn you down! If you have non-GE equipment you’d like to donate, please contact one our volunteers. While we use GE radios, we certainly don’t want to exclude a good opportunity to get other equipment online. We’ll take anything that can get a repeater site online or keep one working. If we can’t use it in our system, we raise money selling donated equipment at hamfests. However, please don’t burden us with useless equipment that we cannot use or sell.

Volunteers are needed for fund raising events. We could use your help at hamfests and other events requiring manpower. We need your help to make use of these opportunities.

Would you like to learn more about The Colorado Connection? Volunteers are never turned away. Here’s your chance to learn. Perhaps you’d like to provide four wheel drive access to one of the many mountaintop sites or just like to go along for the ride. Maybe you’d like to be one of many unofficial photographers or bring a barbecue and make us lunch. Participation on maintenance outings is encouraged, but if you don’t feel like working, come anyway. We’d enjoy your company. You’ll see some of the most beautiful country our fair state has to offer. These outings will provide you with some great camaraderie and lots of fun!

A donation form is available. Please provide us with some information about yourself when you make a donation.