We’d like to cover eastern I-70 again, so hope to find a home for our old Genoa repeater. The eastern plains need more coverage than just the Akron site. If you know someone out east with a repeater site let us know.

Access along the Arkansas valley towards LaJunta and Lamar would be phenomenal, as would coverage in San Juan mountains in places like Durango, Silverton, Telluride, Ouray, Lake City, Pagosa Springs, South Fork, and Creede. Montrose, Gunnison and Crested Butte would be excellent additions. Coverage to the north near Cameron Pass and Poudre Canyon would be invaluable additions as well.

Our goal is to cover virtually all of Colorado. We can’t do this alone. Although we prefer to own Connection repeaters, we won’t turn down more coverage when it’s offered. If you or your local club is interested in linking a repeater into the Connection on a full-time basis, please contact us. We’d love to help or just give you the encouragement to succeed. The NCARA group near Steamboat is an excellent example of cooperation. Through their efforts, we have a great deal of coverage we couldn’t have provided on our own. If you want to add another repeater to the Connection, we only ask that your repeater not send informational messages to the rest of the system, such as repeater ID’s or courtesy tones. Courtesy beeps would cause the Connection to cycle with a constant series of “K’s”. Our Mt. Thorodin site controls the proceed tones and system ID.

Perhaps we ask for contributions more than we should. The website is filled with links to our donation form. However, to expand the system we need more than these donations. Sometimes it’s even more difficult to find a suitable repeater site than raise money for equipment to install. This very page was responsible for our expansion to the Glenwood Springs area. If you know of an available repeater site, let us know. You can contact W0IG with the information.

Future expansion requires three things – financial support, a suitable repeater site, and volunteers to help erect and maintain the equipment. Please support the Connection if you use it! We’re looking for your support, to continue providing public service communication throughout Colorado.