You’ll find that those who volunteer their time and talent to the Connection do so for the love of amateur radio. We have many volunteers who help the Connection. Our technical crew consists of our two technical consultants, Dave Andrews and John Thomson. If your club or organization would like one of our volunteers to present a slide show and more information about our organization, please let us know. We’d enjoy telling you more about the Colorado Connection repeater system. If you’d like to get involved as a Connection volunteer, the technical crew can be reached at the below addresses:

John Thomson (W0IG) –

We’d like to thank our technical crew for volunteering many hours of their time and money to keep the system operational.

Many other volunteers (past and present) devote their time keeping the system running. These include Dave Blaylock (NØPEO), John Stewart (W3CID), John Maxwell (WØVG), Doug Sharp (K2AD), Jeff Carrier (KØJSC) Bill Jacobson (KBØNWM), Kerry Driggers (NØURK), Linda Hill (K0LLC), Robert Warren (NØUDM), Dan Ferris (KBØLRR), and Paul Shackelford (WBØQMR). Others help at specific sites – Steve Blaylock (NØHGV), Ralph Gosch (KA7DHG), Ted Wetzel (KEØTY), Jim Patton (NØWGQ), Larry Gerbaz (KØCL), Chuck Kimball (NØNHJ), Tracy Dillingham (KØDOE), Fred Scully (KØVK), Phil Krichbaum (NØKE), Ryan Gardner (K0CTR), and John Rhodes (KCØARV).

At the 145.445 MHz repeater site, left to right: Ralph (KA7DHG), John (W0IG), John (W3CID), Robert (NØUDM), Tony (NAØUS), and Dave (KAØYDW). Special thanks go to our all around guru and lead technical consultant Dave Andrews for his generous donation of equipment and time. Many others too numerous to list volunteer their time, money, and equipment, but without Dave, the Connection could not survive!

Thanks to all of you for your many hours of hard work. Your dedication is appreciated by all the users of the Colorado Connection. We hope to see you keep up the good work in the future.

As Perry (KØAJM) frequently reminds us, “Keep those cards and letters coming folks!” Without your continued donations, the system cannot survive.