The Akron site has now been fully restored, off the loaner antenna and with new feedline and a new pre-amp.  The site is now up to its full capacity.

The Salida repeater reset itself and is back up.  We’re hopeful the event that took it down was a one-off event.

The Akron machine is back on the air!  It is temporarily running on a loaner antenna, but back online!

It is a lot harder during the winter than summer, but we have the microwave link now up and running all the way from Mt. Thorodin to Grand Junction!  We no longer need the “backup” cell modem link we’ve been using since the initial construction that has been getting flaky recently.  We now should have […]

Our Fort Collins repeater is online!  The frequency is 146.730MHz negative offset.  As a new repeater we don’t have good information yet on how well actual coverage is yet, so reports into any of the nets–especially the Thursday night net are appreciated.

While finally back on commercial power, the site did not come back after a scheduled power interruption.  We’re hoping the next power interruption will reboot things back to working order with a long shot of someone being able to access the site.

The link that mysteriously fixed itself is down again, so alas it looks like we have an intermittent link issue affecting these two sites.  Rather than post up/down messages, they are listed now as intermittent until we get a permanent fix.

Just after thinking the issue might be a longer term down time, the cellular backup link came back up just a few hours after posting it might be down for a while!

We seem to have a failure with the cellular backup link for this repeater.  Not ETA for a fix yet, we will post something once we know better.

While the Salida repeater survived the local forest fire, the power lines to it did not.  That site has is running from generator power with fuel flown in by helicopter until regular power is restored.  As such, it does go down on occasion if they run out of fuel before the next helicopter visit.  We […]