Just as we wrapped up our RF issues at the Durango site, we are now experiencing some internet connectivity problems.  This is a site that relies on internet for connectivity into the rest of the system.  We believe we know the fix which is hardware related and are looking into preparing/shipping that soon.

The entire system is down temporarily.  There has been a power failure at the Squaw Mountain site.  ETA for power restoration is 3am this morning (Aug 16th).  With any luck it may be sooner, but that is the current promise.

Round 1 of repairs for the Thorodin repeater were this past weekend, but were not completed.  The new antenna has been installed, hopefully getting our range back up to what it was before.  Work to move off the backup server (which produces occasional dropouts) was not completed.  Also, due to an audio calibration issue, we […]

A new router has been installed and the Winter Park machine is back online.

With volunteer help preparing the repeater package, getting it delivered to Grand Junction and talented local help, Grand Junction is back online!

Circumstances led up to this repeater being the first to get the attention of our tech crew this season.  Service has been restored.

Just as we’re warming up for repairing repeaters affected by the winter, the Winter Park repeater has been taken down by a lightning hit that destroyed the router that connects it to the rest of the system.

We have had several reliable reports of the Breckenridge machine being both up and down the past week.  We have an antenna replacement trip planned for it and will be able to look at it to see if there may be other issues as well.

The relay site between Denver and Colorado Springs suffered another major (multi-day) power outage again–longer than our batteries could handle.  Power was restored today, but unfortunately the microwave link did not come back up, so the COS repeater remains active, but is running in isolation.  A work party is planned for this coming Saturday to […]

It has actually been down for a while, the website maintainer didn’t fully understand the discussion a few months back.  When the antenna was destroyed back then, it seems to have resulted in damage to the power amplifier as well, so even though the antenna was repaired, there is essentially no power being broadcast.