It turns out there is a bit of an issue with the backup repeater on Mt. Thorodin (145.310). The timeout for the transmitter only resets when the transmitter stops, not when the receivers stop hearing anything. This can only be fixed with an on-site visit. Until then please do wait until the transmission stops before […]

The problem was isolated to a failed UPS at the Mt. Thorodin site. As that is our hub and the equipment it was powering were much of our link equipment, it did take down the entire system. Thanks to John Maxwell for making the trip!

We are having some system wide issues this morning affecting at least the Denver and Colorado Springs repeaters. We will provide updates as we investigate.

We have confirmation that the Kremmling repeater is down. It is a repeater that does not afford (affordable) winter access, so unfortunately, it will be down until summer maintenance season.

We have one report that the Steamboat repeater may be down.  This is not a repeater we can diagnose remotely, so rely on user reports.  If anyone can confirm (or not) this is the case, we would appreciate it.  It will be marked as intermittent until confirmed.

The Mt Thorodin repeater is back on primary hardware and with that the intermittent silence “feature” has gone away too.

The Mt. Thorodin machine is having some intermittent issues where it will go silent for 30-60 seconds, then come back.  Root cause is being investigated and we’re hoping it is something that can be addressed remotely.

The Grand Junction repeater appears to be offline.  We have had two reports this week of it not working.

The link radio linking Leadville and west has been repaired!  We should now have reliable coverage back to the western part of the state.  Thanks to Doug (K2AD), John (W0VG), and Mark (N7CTM) for making the trek up the hillside in the winter conditions.  The problem was isolated to a faulty link radio.  It was […]

We’ve just updated our plans for the the Colorado Connection. Check out the details here.