The 145.310 machine has been restored to full service.

We got a report of Akron being down recently and got a confirming report soon afterwards. Not yet sure if it is hard down or intermittent. As this is not a mountain top repeater, a site visit is planned sooner than springtime.

As of this afternoon, we’re back to the backup transmitter for Mt. Thorodin. It is a lower power transmitter, so some folk on the fringe may notice a difference in signal strength.

The transmitter at Mt. Thorodin is either offline or extremely low power again today.

We have confirmation that while the repeater in Craig is fully operational, it is not linked into the Colorado Connection. The issue has been isolated to a failed power supply for the link radio. Hopefully it will be repaired during this summer’s maintenance season.

The Snowcat field trip Friday was successful, thanks to Doug (K2AD), John (W0VG), and Mike (K7AIH). We have working primary and backup transmitters again. The cause appears to be either failed or failing antennas, so we have a temporary setup for now, but will need to look at wholesale antenna replacements this summer when access […]

Alas having another issue with the Mt. Thorodin backup transmitter. Starting Feb 20th, the power output went down significantly. We are unsure if it is an antenna or PA issue. An urgent trip is planned for the repeater site Friday Feb 22nd and with any luck it will be fixed with one trip.

It turns out there is a bit of an issue with the backup repeater on Mt. Thorodin (145.310). The timeout for the transmitter only resets when the transmitter stops, not when the receivers stop hearing anything. This can only be fixed with an on-site visit. Until then please do wait until the transmission stops before […]

The problem was isolated to a failed UPS at the Mt. Thorodin site. As that is our hub and the equipment it was powering were much of our link equipment, it did take down the entire system. Thanks to John Maxwell for making the trip!

We are having some system wide issues this morning affecting at least the Denver and Colorado Springs repeaters. We will provide updates as we investigate.