The Colorado Spring 130 machine is down.  The problem has been isolated to a failed power amp. Hopefully will be back up in a few days once we can organize a repair crew trip.

The 310 Machine is back on its primary full performance antenna.  Full extended coverage has been restored.

A clarification on the 310 machine, the repair involved using a backup antenna that isn’t as high performing as the primary antenna.  Users at extended distances will notice a decrease in transmit signal received.  This will likely be the case until we can get back to the site in the spring.

310 Machine is back up!  Diagnosis was on target, the main antenna had suffered a mechanical failure.  U-bolts holding it in place had been broken.

310 Machine is down.  High wind destroyed the antenna.  A repair trip will be attempted Feb 9th.

A new net!  The Colorado Emergency Reporting Net.  Meets each evening at 6:30pm local time. Purpose is to gather and coordinate volunteers to be monitoring the Colorado Connection for emergency traffic. Volunteers sign up for a particular hour and are available to handle emergency traffic should it occur.

The Kremmling machine is down.  Cause unknown, may need to wait until summer to diagnose it.

The Breckenridge machine appears to have weak transmit power.  Reception with mobile rigs is fine, but reception with handhelds seems to be intermittent.  Receive sensitivity is fine.

New Website!  Upgraded from native HTML to WordPress.  Quite different.  Pictures and coverage maps for the various repeaters still needs some work, but declared the new version better than the old, so made it live!  Thanks to John Maxwell for the help in getting it set up.

It was a power amplifier issue and is now repaired.