The Kremmling machine is down.  Cause unknown, may need to wait until summer to diagnose it.

The Breckenridge machine appears to have weak transmit power.  Reception with mobile rigs is fine, but reception with handhelds seems to be intermittent.  Receive sensitivity is fine.

New Website!  Upgraded from native HTML to WordPress.  Quite different.  Pictures and coverage maps for the various repeaters still needs some work, but declared the new version better than the old, so made it live!  Thanks to John Maxwell for the help in getting it set up.

It was a power amplifier issue and is now repaired.

We believe the issue to be a power amplifier. A crew is being assembled for a speedy repair.

Many thanks to Willam AC0KQ.

The link to the western slope is back up! Many thanks to the volunteers who made this possible. The system is whole again.

The wind storm most of us experienced in the plains and mountain valleys was even more intense on the mountain tops and our Baldy site fell victim. As best we can tell from some picture we got, there must have been winds in excess of 140MPH. The site was shredded. Solar panels ripped off their […]

December 14, 2016: Repeater Usage Guidelines We realized other than some basics on special events, we didn’t have a consolidated Repeater Usage Guidelines listed anywhere. Dave (N0PEO) took the lead and we have these now. The link is on the home page. Hopefully all common sense, but still good to have in writing. November 23, 2016: […]