The Akron 145.400 Mhz repeater resides about a mile due west of the town of Akron. The repeater antenna is about 80 feet above ground.  Currently this repeater is linked via commercial internet only to the rest of the system, not via ham radio frequencies. This repeater covers the northeastern plains of Colorado.  If you hear choppy audio on this system, it is likely because our free internet connection is being hammered on.  We’re looking at alternatives for our backup internet, but there are not many options for internet in these remote locations.

Equipment consists of a GE Master III repeater and duplexer from Wacom. The Controller is an RTCM (Radio Thin Client Module) which allows us to do the radio over IP that we utilize on the rebuilt connection repeaters. We pay $120 per year rent for our Akron site.

The VHF antenna is a commercial Commander VHF collinear vertical antenna. The 145.400 Mhz repeater site is easily accessible year around. This is one of the few sites we maintain which doesn’t require 4 wheel drive access.  The pictures below are from the December 2019 visit to replace a destroyed antenna.

Preparing the antenna is a team effort!

One final check of the antanna on the ground before…

…the volunteer gets to climb the tower!