The 147.075 Mhz repeater is located southwest of Kremmling atop Santoy Peak. This site provides excellent coverage to a large area in all directions. The Kremmling repeater covers the Flattops Wilderness Area well and can even be worked from the Front Range in some locations. Coverage at the east end of Glenwood Canyon to Eagle is available in some spots along I-70.

The repeater is a GE Master II with a VHF GE Custom MVP link transceiver. The controller is a Linkcomm RLC-1. The repeater antenna is a 7/8 wave fiberglass Diamond. The Kremmling site links via VHF to Mt. Thorodin through a 4 element yagi. Access to this site is available in a convential vehicle, however during winter months the road is closed and the site accessible only on foot or via snowmobile.

Although the 147.075 Mhz repeater has relatively easy access, it is limited due to our agreement with the owners of the site. Through this agreement we have a restriction limiting our personnel. Unfortunately only a few listed volunteers are allowed.

Repeater coverage map and some views from the site.