The 147.075Mhz repeater is located north of Mosquito Pass near Leadville. The elevation at the site is 13,685 feet, making it one of the highest repeaters in North America. Coverage is available in some areas east of I-25, as well as areas of Rocky Mountain National Park! Due to the rugged mountains all around the site, areas within a short distance may have no coverage at all. Generally, the Leadville repeater can be accessed for well over 100 miles in almost any direction.

The repeater is a Kenwood TKR-750 and an RTCM with a commercial Commander colinear antenna and WACOM duplexers. The site is directly on the main Rocky Mountain Ham Radio backbone.

There is no AC power, with DC power generated by solar panels, which charge a bank of heavy duty batteries.

Access to the site via 4 wheel drive is possible between late June and mid September. During other times of the year the only access is via foot. This site resides in some of the harshest terrain Colorado has to offer.

New 2015 Picture! One major project for the 2015 maintenence season was replacing the aging solar cells and rechargable batteries (see older panels below). The unused brackets are because the new panels are so much more efficient than the older ones we needed fewer of them.

New 2015 Picture! The shack and the main VHF antenna with a truck in the background for scale. Also new for 2015 is the microwave antenna for the digital links.
New 2015 Picture! Some good views (the distance) some not-so-good (propane tanks). The distance views give a very good idea of the range and coverage afforded by this location. You also get an idea of the tough terrain.

New 2015 Picture! Closer view of the main VHF antenna and two microwave antennas for the digital links.

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The Leadville repeater site can be seen at the top of the rightmost peak. The five panels on the left power Connection equipment. Others are for commercial gear. One of our motley work crews after a hard day of work at the Leadville repeater site. John (W3CID) in the basement of the building where the batteries are kept.
John Thomson (W0IG) and Dave Andrews (KAØYDW) working on a power problem. Master II repeater and GE Delta atop duplexer cabinet. (When a link radio served this site.) WACOM Duplexers inside the cabinet with converted mobile repeater on top. John (W0IG) and Ralph (KA7DHG) finishing the installation of the repeater antenna.
Fall on Mosquito Pass. The repeater site is barely visible, just to the left of the center peak. A little closer view – now you can see the building. A little later in the fall the snow gets deeper.