The 147.285 Mhz repeater resides atop Methodist Mountain (Fremont Peak) at an elevation of approximately 11,700 feet, south of Salida. Coverage is reliable in South Park, Gunnison, Pueblo, and the San Luis Valley south to New Mexico. At extremes, it has been worked from east of Montrose and Blue Mesa Resevoir, on Fremont Pass near Climax, in and around Bailey on U.S. 285, and south toward Trinidad on Interstate 25.

The repeater is a GE Mastr III which is linked back to Denver via ham band microwave and several sites using an RTCM and the Rocky Mountain Ham Radio network. The microwave path runs east to Fremont Peak in Canon City and then north to Denver through a redundant route.

Access to this site is via 4WD vehicle between July and September. Access in winter months has never been attempted and locals say it’s scary. Should this repeater fail, it remains inoperative until summer access is available.

New 2015 Picture! Antenna site after some 2015 antenna work and repeater upgrades. The tower doesn’t need to be too tall when the base (granite) tower gives you an 11,700 foot head start! The UHF Yagi has been replaced with the microwave dish for the new digital backbone upgrade.

New 2015 Picture! Tower climbing isn’t quite as scary with the granite head start either.  Mike (K0GUR) and Jeff (K0JSC) waving back.

The repeater site as viewed during the drive up Fremont Peak and Methodist Mountain. View of repeater and building. Note the ladder at rear for winter access.
The Salida repeater building and new of 2011 Salida site as viewed from the air.