The 147.345 Mhz repeater resides several miles northwest of the town of Vail. At an elevation of about 9500 feet, coverage is available from Vail Pass to Glenwood Canyon and the Flattops Wilderness to Tennessee Pass.

Our thanks to Richard (WAØZLY) for donating the use of this site.

This repeater is a GE Master II with a six cavity WACOM duplexer and fiberglass 7/8 wave Diamond antenna. The link radio is a VHF GE Custom MVP, linking to the Leadville repeater through a four element yagi antenna. With no solid state repeater controller, the link transceiver and repeater are connected together via an electro-mechanical “link-box”. The site is accessible via 4WD from late spring through early fall.

View of the Vail Repeater site from a distance.

Dave (KAØYDW) and John (W0IG) inspecting the tower.Dave (KAØYDW) and John (W0IG) inspecting the tower.

Dave (KA0YDW) working on the antenna feedline.

John (W0IG) and Dave (KA0YDW) Working on the antenna

Bill (KBØNWM) starting up the tower, with Kerry (NØURK) and Dave (KAØYDW) standing by.