The 145.160 Mhz repeater resides on Peterson Ridge south of Walden. The elevation of the site is about 9,000 feet. Coverage throughout North Park is readily available, along with portions of I-80 from Laramie, Wyoming, to Rock Springs, Wyoming.

The equipment here consists of GE Master II mobile transceiver converted as a repeater and a GE Custom MVP UHF link transceiver. As with Rifle, there are no duplexers. Separation of the input and output signals of the repeater is done by using separate transmit and receive antennas, with some band pass and band reject filters. A UHF signal links through a 11 element yagi antenna to the Steamboat Springs repeater. There is no controller at this site, with the two radios tied together through an electromechanical ‘link box’.

A view of the repeater site from the east side of Peterson Ridge.