Sunday Evening A.R.E.S. Net

Every Sunday Evening a statewide net is conducted on the Colorado Connection. It’s purpose is communication between the 29 A.R.E.S. districts of Colorado.

A.R.E.S. stands for “Amateur Radio Emergency Services” and is acronym “ares,” (air ease). This organization is sanctioned by the American Radio Relay League. It functions nationwide. In general, there are no membership fees. Most districts have a membership roster on which you may become active. You may need to complete an application and wait for a security check before you are added to the district roster. Members participate in training with police, fire and emergency services and may be asked to assist these agencies in times of need.

We encourage you to become active with your district and participate in the statewide nets. I rationalize that some may think, “I know how to talk into a microphone,” so why should I belong, when that is what they do. First, members are trained in using voice, packet, amtor (amateur teletype over radio) and CW (morse code) message formatting and use of Amateur Television (ATV). Some messages are sensitive so, to limit access, the messages will most likely be transmitted by packet, amtor or CW. In which case the format is critical. Voice messages and learning to speak succinctly are also prerequisite to good emergency communications. Becoming active with your district can expose you to modes of communication you have not experienced.

Some of the repeater sites for the Colorado Connection repeaters are available because public service communications are conducted on the Connection. We are thankful for this statewide 2 meter coverage and the volunteers who maintain the repeaters. We encourage support of the Connection from all who use the system.

We hope you will indulge us this ½ to ¾ hour of use on the Colorado Connection each Sunday evening. Please join us with your questions during the general check-in portion of the net. Welcome to A.R.E.S. You’ll be happy knowing you are helping others.

Click here to learn more about Public Service on the ARRL website.

For further information, check out the Colorado ARES web site.