Colorado Emergency Reporting Net


Meets each evening at 6:30pm local time.  Purpose is to gather and coordinate volunteers to be monitoring the Colorado Connection for emergency traffic.  Volunteers sign up for a particular hour and are available to handle emergency traffic should it occur. To contact net control via email, please send an email to

The Colorado Emergency Reporting Net (CERN) is composed of a group of volunteer Amateur Radio Operators who monitor the various amateur 2 meter radio frequencies of the Colorado Connection Repeater INC. (COLCON) system.

These volunteers monitor the various frequencies of COLCON listening for requests from other Amateur radio operators who are-in-need of some form of assistance. This assistance is an alternative to regular commercial communication methods because the individual making the request does not have a cell phone, their phone is dead, and/or there is no cell coverage available.

Assistance ranges from a simple radio check (i.e., a request re: is my radio working properly, how does it sound, etc.) to an emergency request requiring some form of professional assistance from Fire and Ambulance and possible rescue.

Colorado is a diverse state providing many opportunities for outdoor activities and people enjoy outdoor activities year-round.  Many of these individuals are licensed amateur radio operators.  As such, they provide an additional link to the Emergency/search and rescue community.  Monitoring is done from the individual monitors “Ham Shack”.  Additionally, some monitors listen while they are driving.  (If a call for assistance is needed, the monitor pulls off the road and provides the assistance.).

In February 2018 Sydney Cleveland KE0GNS (SK) saw a need where amateur radio operators could be of assistance to others in times of emergency.  Syd was an avid outdoor enthusiast and loved to be in the high-country introducing others to the hobby/sport of mountain climbing.  On many occasions, Syd found that cell coverage was not available while hiking 14er’s.  Knowing that many amateur radio operators became Hams so they might be able assist others in times of need.

Syd presented this idea to the Colorado Connection Board seeking their advice and permission to conduct an experiment to see if:  he could attract volunteers to cover the COLCON frequencies and to validate his idea that if available Hams who are in need would utilize this service.

Over a period of a few months Syd had recruited enough volunteers to start covering the COLCON frequencies during the day. In actual practice, volunteers select the time (day(s)) where they can cover the frequencies for an hour or more during the day/week.  Some volunteers are “random monitors” and cover hours where there is no fixed coverage.

Additional information available on the CERN Facebook page. Useful documents to download are (click to open or save-as):